“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. “ – Jack Welch

Tanden is in the business of helping organizational leaders maximize their human capital. We do this through our targeted learning programs in the areas of project management, leadership development, and professional career planning.


Tanden’s Learning offerings are designed to provide your team members with basic and advanced courses in the areas of:

Project Management

Leadership Development

Career Planning

The learning process does not end upon the receipt of a diploma or completion of a college degree. We also know that the most efficient way to learn is through hands-on experience supported by a solid foundation of fundamental principles.

Our Learning portfolio is designed to help you improve your knowledge and aptitude for your professional pursuits. We facilitate adult learning through our relevant and real-world training course, seminar, and workshop experiences. We specialize not in training but in learning for the purposes of applied professional development, continuing education, and integration into the organization.

Tanden’s Learning offerings effectively combine the introduction of fundamental principles with the hands-on application of proven tools and techniques through individual and team exercises.


Our learning professionals are not “theorists” – they have practical, hands-on experience in their respective disciplines. They bring years of applied project management, organizational leadership, and career development experience along with teaching experience to the learning environment.

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