“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.” – Marcus Aurelius

Historical perspective and our personal experiences repeatedly show us that there is a difference between a manager and a leader. We know that most leaders can be good managers, where good managers do not necessarily make good leaders.

At Tanden, we focus on helping organizations develop their leaders by following our own set of principles that are evident in all of our engagements:

Be a Leader: Get the creative best from everyone in the organization and have them want to provide it.

Be a Steward: Leave things in better condition that they were when we found them.

Be a Calming Change Agent: Help others successfully cope with uncertainty through clear communications and creative thinking.  We employ these leadership principles through our portfolio of project organizational and team leadership engagements that include:

The Virtual PMO

Traditionally, a Project Management Office (PMO) is an entity that provides support for the organization’s project management initiatives and teams. A PMO typically provides project managers and team members with a set of standard project management tools and processes intended to improve efficiencies and success. Unfortunately, not all organizations have the “luxury” of dedicating resources to a full-time (PMO).

Tanden’s Virtual PMO is designed to provide your organization with the benefits of a PMO without the administrative overhead. With the Virtual PMO, you can assign your finite resources to the right projects, in the right place, at the right time while leveraging Tanden’s PMO experience and expertise. You have access to Tanden’s PMO processes, tools, and techniques and can customize them to meet your organizational needs.

Portfolio Management Facilitation

At its very core, project management represents the tactical initiatives employed to implement an organization’s strategic plan. Too often, however, the organization’s project portfolio does not align with the strategic objectives. Without proper alignment, projects are set up for failure due to success inhibitors such as: lack of management support, unclear goals, undefined expectations and results.

Tanden’s Portfolio Management Facilitation service works with your organizational leaders and project delivery organization to ensure alignment between your goals and projects. We help guide you through the project identification, assessment, selection, and prioritization activities required to apply organizational resources in the most efficient manner. We bring years of portfolio management experience and facilitation expertise to help with your critical planning and review sessions.

Project Delivery Structure and Organization

Not all organizations are formed alike and not all organizations should be formed alike. Whether your company/department/group is a projectized, functional, or matrix-oriented structure, it must be able to deliver projects on time, on budget, and according to requirements. What is most important in project management is whether or not your structure encourages or inhibits project delivery success.

Tanden’s project leadership consultants can help your organization structure a project delivery structure that best leverages your organizational design. We do this through the incorporation of training, methodologies, tools, and processes that remove organizational roadblocks while capitalizing on existing best practices. The Project Delivery Structure and Organization will be designed to promote success not additional steps in the process.