Effective Leader Series

The Effective Leader SeriesSM

This is a set of courses and seminars focused on the development of organizational leaders. They are designed for new supervisors and managers that need an introduction to team leadership principles and for seasoned managers and executives that need a “refresher” or some new ideas on effective leadership.

Some of our courses and seminars include:

• Fundamentals of Management and Leadership
• Building a Team from the Ground Up
• Visioneering: Effectively Formulating and Articulating the Group’s Core Purpose
• Dispelling the Myths of Leadership: Go Beyond “Outside the Box”
• The Bad Idea Is Your Friend: Creative Problem Solving
• Eating an Elephant: Getting Your Hands Around the Issue
• What is in Your Sandbox? Defining the Organization’s Priorities

To learn more about the The Effective Leader SeriesSM, contact Tanden.